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Workshop Price List
Level 1 Service and MOT - £35
This includes setting of gears and brakes, lubricating and checking of all moving parts, nut and bolt check using a specific torque wrench, wheel and tyre check and alignment. We will also advise on any components that may need servicing at a later date.

Wheel True – From £7.50

Hydraulic Brake Bleed - £15 per brake or £25 for a pair.

Boxed Bike Build – From £25

Custom Bike Build – From £80

Gear Tune With New Cable – From £20

Tyre Fit - £5 Per wheel

New Tube Plus Fitting - £10 Per wheel

Please note these prices are intended as a guideline due to the nature of workshop jobs we cannot give exact prices without seeing the bike. Call us for any more information or questions you might have.
01827 284720