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2 Wheels Only Ltd - Meet the Team

Nik (The Boss)

Nik is the owner of the business and this journey began for him in 2011.

He is the man behind everything that the business is today. Through sleepless nights, tears and joy (and hair loss) he has dedicated his life over the last 10 years to making this thing a success.

Although there are times I'm sure he wishes he had chosen a variety of different career paths I am sure that Nik can stand proudly and reflect on what 2 Wheels Only has become. That is a fundamental part of the local cycling community, an example of what independent bike shops should be (winners of 2017 Britains Best Bike Shop) And a company that supports several individuals in a career that they thoroughly enjoy.

As can be seen to your left, he is also a dab hand at fixing things with a hammer.

(No bikes were actually harmed in the making of this image)


Being Nik's (the owner) Dad Lea has been a huge part of the business since day one. Always around, always busy whether that be building bikes or doing odd jobs around the place! It is a standing joke that he is owed a lot of money in unpaid wages! As over the years we are pretty sure he has done as many hours as the rest of the staff collectively :-)

More recently due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and changes within his own career and life it was finally time for Lea to make the jump and become an official member of the team on paper in 2020 and start getting paid a wage for his hard work (this will not be back dated) ;-)

Lea's main focus is now in the workshop where he can hone his years of mechanical experience and knowledge into providing excellent care for your pride and joy. As can be seen to the left he is the man who can and will do anything! Aside from this you will probably see him on his bike with a local club or out on his motorbike.

Steve (The Cycling Celebrity)

Most commonly known as this jar of pickle up above. as he has a self confessed 'face for radio' Steve joined the team back in 2015, previously a fireman and a very keen road cyclist with good mechanical knowledge of bikes, he fitted right in straight away.

He has gone on to become the most highly qualified member of the workshop team, and more recently appointed Workshop Manager!

A well known cyclist locally not only for being a machine, but also for doing many crazy things for charities close to his heart. This has lead him to having a bit of a HERO Status within the cycling community and being a member of things such as 'Hells 500' and 'The High Rollers Society'


Lee first started being around all the way back in 2013 when he used to have some desk space (back when we had spare space) for his own work. After a few unfortunate events within the company he ended up lending a hand, which then became everyday and eventually leading into being employed. At this time we were much smaller scale and we all jumped from job to job but Lee was mostly on the tools.

In late 2014 he decided to part ways to try out self employment, but after deciding that wasn't for him re-joined the team in May 2016 as a full time mechanic. Lee went on to do an apprenticeship and gain various accreditations as a technician.

Unfortunately in mid 2020 after a Motocross accident Lee is now unable to work as a mechanic and has started on a new venture within the company managing the website, online sales platforms and social media, Designing content, and some cool bits and bobs for future plans such as Vlogging and video making. To the left he can be seen doing the very activity that lead to his misfortune :-)

Harvey (Rolladog) Rollason

We will use Harvey's full name as he is kind of a big deal on a MTB! check him out on socials..

Harvey started with us in 2018 after reaching working age, we had helped him out for years with bits and bobs for his racing, so already knew him well. And with his riding experience he fitted in to the team perfectly.

Harvey has shaped up to be a great all rounder helping everyone out, doing all the odd jobs you can think of. Workshop, making a mint cuppa and even more recently answering the phones! Go on Harv!

It has to be recognised that this lad is a serious talent to watch out for on a bike he has had huge success in many junior championships and has even represented Great Britain at world championship level Enduro!


Pete joined the team in 2019 to take over in the shop from Ben who had moved on to pastures new.

Pete is the 'Bike Dude' and is the bright (pardon the pun) smiling face that greets customers in the shop, and deals with everything from sales to ordering and all things in between, he is also Cytech qualified which is handy for our diverse team as he sometimes jumps in the workshop too!

Over the last couple of years Pete has fitted into our close knit team amazingly and has formed a great relationship with customers alike!

If you are looking for any help or advise with any purchase - Pete is your man!

Anton - The Halfords Escapee!

The newest member of our workshop team who is settling into his role very well already.